Schweizerischer Collie Club (SCC)

Collie Club Suisse (CCS)


Silver Serenity's Ginger Girl (Smooth Collie)

Silver-Serenity's Ginger Girl




Silver-Serenity's Ginger Girl

SHSB 683783


Wettingen 20.08.2011






DNA - Test Normal






93.55% / 6.45 %


Halter: E.Ladurner Gertrud , Kirchstrasse 2 , 8956 Killwangen.


Ch OneWay's Miraculix

Ch Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer

Ch Fairlines Last Minute

Advance Jumping Jack Flash

Ch Clearmount Turn Me Loose

Ch Foxearth Fashionable

Ch Tanliy's Proud Mary

Ch Foxearth Jubilation

Ch Glennfield's Ginette

Ch Goldbodys Amazing Amazon

Ch Foxearth Frankie

Ch Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth

Ch Foxearth Frappant

Ch Baubon's Sister Selina

Fairlines Billy The Kid

Ch Tanliy's Sister-Jane

Ch OneWay's For Your Eyes Only

OneWay's Dangerous

Cornkils Chagall

Fairlines Billy The Kid


OneWay's Moonlight Shadow

Foxearth Silver Fog

Ch One Way Ticket

OneWay's Elvira Rosenknopp

Bermarks Barley Water

Ch Brilyn Supertramp

Rifflesea Rare Pearl

Ch Picaroon's Lady Starlight

Fairlines Billy The Kid

Oneway's Ginger Ale

Silver Serenity's Fly

Ch Honey Melon Hartley Henry

Dandinas Amazing Spirit

Ch Braemar's What's His Face

Cherrison Dreams of Kings

Braemar's Beach Blanket Bingo

Ch Dalimattas My Sweet Lady

Fairlines Saturday Dawn

Fairlines Future Dream

Finn-Beauty's Gipsy Girl

Ch Sunsweet the Ringmaster

Ch Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer

Ch Dalimattas Future Flora

Foxearth Flambeau

Ch Col Mustard of Misstoff

Foxearth Flippant

Silver Serenity's Charise Black Lady of Ice

Ch Turella's Floyd

Ch Foxearth Faldo

Ch Glenmist Rough Diamond at Lordsville

Ch Foxearth Frappant

Ch Foxearth Fire Imp

Foxearth Fido

Foxearth Formula

Goya in The Night Geryli

Ch Fairlines Spotted Blue Born

Fairlines Magnum Force

Fairlines Last Born

Ch Dee Dee McCall in The Night Geryli

Ch Astrellita Accomplice

Opilio Babette