Jaya von den Jurahügeln

Jaya von den Jurahügeln









SHSB 702031


Wettingen 27.10.2012






CEA pos. 8 Wochen






93.55 % / 6.45 %


Halter: Müller Valeska , Breite , 4229 Beinwil SO. Paarungsvorschriften.


Rossavon Moonlight Tango

Wicani Waltz of The New Moon

Wicani What's New Pussycat

Ch Corydon Blackcat

Ch Moon Wizard at Corydon

Ch Corydon la Stupenda

Wicani Wrenee Dessard

Rickwood Zulu Warrior at Lusha

Wicani Sophia L'Wren

Wicani Dances By Moonlight

Eilroy Blue Blitz

Ch Brilyn Rum 'N' Black

Rickwood Zenobia at Eilroy

Wicani Dark-Moon Dancer over Markenfield

Wicani Nights in White Satin

Wicani Wytches Moon

Rossavon Kiss in the Dark

Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon

Aqualita Class Act With Corydon

Corydon Black Zambo

Aqualita Classic Gold

Corydon Be A Madam at Demelewis

Ch Phreelancer Phrosty Moon Over Corydon

Corydon Willa Bea

Rossavon Loves Young Dream

Ingledene Young Lover at Manordeifi

Rossavon Addicted to Love at Ingledene

Ch Ingledene Penny Lover

Rossavon Indian Summer

Rossavon Repeat After Me

Chinese Whispers at Rossavon

Black Holly vom Imchen

Old Golden Gates Farndale

Ch Margaret's Dust Eclipse

Ch Westoak Firewalker

Ch Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor

Brilyn Black Pearl at Westoak

Golden Gates Paramour in Paradise

Troydon Saddle Tramp

Brilyn Black Pearl at Westoak

Golden Gates Run Softly

Troydon Saddle Tramp

Ch Kourika Mantika at Troydon

Troydon Carisma

Westoak First Foot

Ch Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor

Brilyn Black Pearl at Westoak

Romantic Candlelight vom Traumland Woblitz-See

Ch Sir Henry von Belvedere

Ch Silvermoor's Highland Chief

Golden Heritage from Aaronwell

Silvermoor's Barley Sugar

Ch New Line Von Belvedere

Sea Dreamer's I'M Maikel

Malouine's Spread Your Wings

Sweety's Ultra Marine vom Traumland Woblitz-See

Rosegarden's Oh Sweet Candy

Ch Lynway Seldom Sober

Ch Rosegarden's Jaunty Jean

Quo Vadis Talk to Me

Quo Vadis Hadrian

Quo Vadis Jingle Bell


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